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Ethicalsolution provides web design services, IT services, accounting software and many other services.If you have Ethicalsolution’s services, it means you have our full support.
Take a big step forward today and let your business develop better and faster.

Business growth

Web design

IT Services

Ethicalsolution wants standardize and automate processes to save time for you, also, to Deliver responsive and effective customer service.
We will Prioritize effectively so that critical issues are resolved fast, then ensure our client’s IT operate at maximum efficiency.
Ethicalsolution cares about your business and we want to help you with that through our web design and IT services.

What service are we providing?

Web design services

Web & mobile Design

Our Web design services include many Sub-Services which allow you to develop your website and business so much faster and also with fair prices.

Ethicalsolution Consultation service

Consulting & Solutions

Most of our Services also include Consultation but beside that we have great plans for businesses growth, like our management consultant and analyst service.

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IT Services

Under the name of IT services, we offer you too many sub services based on your needs.
IT security, smart cards, ethical account all are just some of our IT services.

Accounting Software

We provide this service with implementation and consultation together to make sure your business migrated properly to a cloud accounting.
Check the link below to know what is an accounting software and the benefits of it.

Graphic Design

Logo design, catalogues design, business cards, magazines can be done by us but our graphical design service combined with IT knowledge allow us to go further and design electronic catalogues and magazines.

Data analytics

Based on your website and your clients we will give you too many valuable information, all unique for your business.
The more you know about your clients the more you can help them and let your business, takes the next step forward.

Business development

The best way to run a business or develop it is getting good advices.
Sure, these advices must be based on knowledge, accurate data and lots of experiences.
By getting help of Updated software, databases and knowledge, Ethical solution will help you step by step, to reach where you want.

Ethical solution Business smart card chip icon

Business smart card

Ethicalsolution business smart card use NFC technology which let the business card transfer data instantly and without need to physically contact to the card reader.

Digital Advertising

Every day, it becomes more and more important to show and present your brand and business online, which is why even the big names keep their ads wherever they can.
Call us now to get more information.

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Have a look at our Magazines

Magazines: Web design, IT, Market

You can read the specialized information in our magazines.
Related and categorized information with up-to-date and accurate articles.
These magazines included Web Design Magazine, IT Magazine and Market Magazine.

Our Main Services

Web design Services

Ethical solution gathered Technical and UX/UI Design specialists, Programmers and even artists like painters, photographers and writers for its Web design Services. we want to make sure that all the possibilities been available for our clients. check Ethical solution Web design services page.
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IT Services

Ethical solution IT services include many different services, Like Accounting software implementation, IT security implementation, Cisco Services and two Awesome new services, smart cards and Ethical account. You can get more information about it by checking our IT Services page.
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Consulting & Solutions

We believe that only providing Services can’t be enough and a good consulting will make the process complete. Ethical solution has a great service called Management consulting and analyst which can speed up your business’s development. Find more about our Consulting & solutions by tapping on button below.
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A woman stanging by a laptopt which is connected to a smart device

Who We are

All the members of Ethicalsolution web design team have at least more than 5 years of experience in their specific fields and they are all well-educated.
Also, our trusted and reliable IT expert has more than 15 years of experience including 6+ years as a Systems, Network, AWS Solutions Architect and VoIP Administrator.

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$ 169
  • Setup Back up
  • Implementation
  • 1 hours consultation
  • Cloud Accounting
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Backup & Restore

Cloud & Local
$ 169
  • Installing Tools for 1 User
  • 1-2 hours consultation
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$ 169
  • 1 hour Remotely analysis
  • Email Setting
  • Web Site Encryption
  • 2hrs for Onsite Support and Onsite Audit
20% Discount

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