The story of our journey

Ethical Solution Inc provides Digital Marketing, Web design services, IT services, accounting software, IT security and also Consultation service for all services, this is a short story About us.

Where we believe you are a priority.

We create a streamlining of IT product procurement; we can be your single point of contact for your IT needs. This is a brief explanation about us.

IT Team

Our trusted and reliable IT professional with 15 years of experience including 6+ years as a Systems, Network, AWS Solutions Architect and VoIP Administrator. Committed to supporting clients and customers through a strong foundation of technical proficiency with modern virtual servers, operating systems, networks, cybersecurity protocols, applications, and diagnostic tools. Recognized throughout a career as an active learner, with a determination to secure industry-standard training, certifications, and formal education, and utilize new knowledge to assist customers and clients as an IT subject matter expert. Proactive in recommending upgrades, migration projects, and other areas to improve operations, systems, and network performance.


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About us

Digital Marketing & Web Design team

If you want to know more About us we can add that Ethical Solution Inc gathered technical and UX/UI design specialists, programmers, and even artists like painters, photographers, and writers for its digital marketing and web design services.
We want to make sure that all the possibilities are available for our clients.
Also, all the members of the Ethical Solution Inc digital marketing and web design team have at least more than 7 years of experience in their specific fields, and they are all well educated.