IT Services

By our IT Services which included many Sub-Services in different categories we proudly help your business grow and take the next step.
Take a look at our IT services and get more information about them or be in contact with us.

Our IT Services

Accounting Software

With highly customizable tracking tools, automated workflows, real-time revenue and cash flow management dashboards our accounting software service is a great help for businesses.

Ethical solution Business smart card chip icon

Business Smart cards

Ethicalsolution business smart card use NFC technology which let the business card transfer data instantly and without need to physically contact to the card reader.

IT security

Our IT security service include Remotely analysis of your Network, Email Setting, Web Site Encryption and also has Onsite Support and Onsite Audit.

Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of the issue from hard drive, to LCD or any other problem, our expert computer technicians can diagnose the cause of your issue and repair your Laptop PC.

Web Application

Web Application, Mobile App, customised software, Ready Made IT Product, Prototype and MVP

Upgrade to SSD

Speed Repair Kit Contains Replacing HDD to SSD with Backup and restore all your data on new SSD so will make your laptop or MacBook run and work faster.

Backup & Restore

This Service has Cloud and Local Back Up and Restore Setup, Storage Server, NAS Installation, Back-Up tools Installation.

Why Ethicalsolution for IT Services

With over 16 years of experience in the information technology industry, we work to quickly diagnose computer issues and develop a workable solution.
Our IT solution is affordable and gets you back up and running quickly.
Most of our IT Services has consultation as well and we always looking for more than providing just some services.
For Ethicalsolution it is very important that we make sure you have an outlook of what is going to happen and why it is better for your business growth.
Because of that Our IT team are responsible enough to make sure at the end you are satisfied with the result.

IT Magazine

Read more and increase your IT knowledge with Ethicalsolution magazine, there is updated, accurate and related articles so it will help you to understand our Services better and deeper.