Business smart card

Business Smart card is a card equipped with microchips which can store and authenticate unique information of card’s owner.

- Business smart card

It’s not only advertisements, having a good website or well presenting your business that can help and push your business forward.
Sure when every process can be done so much faster and safer then the whole structure of your business will enter into another level.
This is what exactly business smart card will do for you.
These cards interact intelligently and with embedded integrated circuit chip inside of it (ICC) use authentication procedures therefore you can be sure about the safety of it.

Business smart card with a chipset in corner and Ethicalsolution logo in center
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- Purchase Ethicalsolution Business smart card

Our team found smart card as a feature that can help businesses grow faster and let people do their daily routine actions with much more ease.
Therefore we decided add this feature to our services.
Now Ethical solution Business smart card is available in Canada.
You can Purchase it with an unbelievable price.
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- Ethicalsolution smart cards

Our cards use NFC technology which let the business card transfer data instantly and without need to contact the card reader.
Here we specifically talking about Ethicalsolution cards and how it works.
You can find and read more about What is Smart card and what is the uses of smart cards by the link below.

Ethicalsolution Business smart card chipset
NFC Technology used in Business smart card symbol


For a better understanding of it we better get to know what is the NFC.
NFC means Near field communication and it’s a wireless technology which allow smart cards transfer data contact-less.
This technology interact with much more ease and secure so no wonder why every day we see more and more devices use NFC technology.

- Why using smart cards

Ease of use and security are the reasons that we mentioned before.
But based on recent researches using business smart cards will impress clients too and attract them more.
Probably since there is less of time wasting or feeling that there is more secure in transactions.

Smartphone and business smart card held in hands with Ethicalsolution logo

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