What is Linkethic service and how to purchase it is what we talk about on this page.

Ethical Solution Inc Linkethic

What is Linkethic

Linkethic is our new service, which allows our clients to put all of their business links in one place.
This service will help businesses stay in contact with their customers in a much faster and easier way.
It can include website links, social media accounts, channels, groups, and any other links.
It will lead your customers  directly and easily to your business.
With this service there is no need for your website visitors to look for your social media links.
Or for those who know you via social media to look for your website address.
All of those Links will be available on a single page, and only with one click will people get connected to you.
It is also a good option for those who don’t have a website but want to share their social media links with others.


You can put endless links on it, offer a special design for it, and choose how it appears when someone visits it.
It can also be used as a QR code, making it even easier for people to find and follow your business.
Don’t miss this special offer and take another step to make your business more public.

How to purchase

To purchase this service, the only thing you need to do is contact us!
You can use the link below to contact us and at the same time check Ethical Solution Inc Linkethic.