Web design services

We will try to introduce some of our important web design services.

- Ethicalsolution Web design services

Our web design team at Ethical Solutions Inc is active in most areas of web design services.
There is a good reason why we gathered experts in various fields to form our web design team.
Our team includes technical and UX/UI design specialists, programmers, and even artists like painters, photographers, and writers.
At Ethical Solution Inc Web Design Services, we want to make sure that all the possibilities are available for our clients.
So, let’s start with the first, but since there are too many services, you must know we introduce them only a little here, and for more information, you just need to contact Ethical Solution Inc.

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- Website Maintenance

The first thing we want to talk about is website maintenance because it is so important, and maybe you have a website right now and are looking for a team to manage it.
If you have a website, then first of all, our web design team will review your website’s content and structure to find weaknesses and problems.
Otherwise, by planning a good structure based on your needs, we will make sure that everything has a good foundation to get started.

- Technical advice

After we check everything, we may come to you with some technical advice for a better web design process.
These advices can be in different fields, such as the security of your website or hosting. Based on your needs and your business needs, you may need better or specific ones.
To fix errors and also to avoid them, our team has always had good solutions.

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Content development in Ethicalsolution Web design services

- Content development

The content of your website is almost everything.
As much as you must attract people, you must also consider search engines, so it can’t be an easy task.
You must always be aware of what people want and what search engines want at the same time.
You can easily leave it to our writers and let them develop and manage the content of your website.

- copywriting

If you want to develop your website, you need to put up good articles related to the topic, and it is better that they follow the SEO rules.
No matter what your business is or what your specialty is, we can write accurate articles about anything you want based on SEO rules, but the special feature here is copywriting.
We will give you unique articles written specifically for you.

copywriting and content writing web design services
Ethicalsolution SEO services in Web design

- SEO in Web design services

As you may know, or if you want, you can see here what SEO is; you can’t just skip it and be careless about it.
SEO plays a big and important role in web design. Here we have some tips about how to improve SEO ranking, but it’s not as easy as that.
There are always changes and updates in how search engines and their rankings work.
Except for being an expert in it, it also needs full-time care and being up-to-date.

- Keyword research

KEYWORDS are also essential in the web design process.
It is right that key words are related to your SEO ranking, but because of their importance and the hard work it takes to get the result out of it, we must accept it as a separate thing from improving SEO.
After many years, our team knows how much and where to use the key words to reach a better result, so you can trust them with this task.

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Ethicalsolution Graphic Design services

- Graphic Design services

We talked about the importance of website content, but also how to put it on a page.
If you can’t convince people to stay and spend time on pages, the first bad effect is that you lose those people, but there are other consequences.
Sooner or later, search engines will find out that your website doesn’t have the power to keep people excited, so they will start to show your website less in search results.
We found it an important factor, so just like other important tasks, Ethical Solution Inc invested in its design power to make sure our clients would get a good-looking website that was also unique.

- LOGO Design

To start or develop a business, a successful one surely requires a logo.
Just think about famous logos and how they have affected your mood, which makes you trust that product and choose it.
Logos are memorable and will represent you and your business, but before they become famous, logos must be designed well.
This is exactly what we try to do in ethical solutions, and we do it by combining your thoughts and needs with our ideas and power to design.

logo design in Ethicalsolution web design services

Catalogue design

For your services, products, or information you want to share with others, we can design awesome creative catalogs.
These catalogues can be just like normal catalogues that you will see everywhere, like this one, or they can be e-catalogues that also contain links, phone numbers, emails, and accounts on social media and networks, like this one.
This feature will allow people to easily contact you or be led to pages that you want only with a picture. This is not a thing that many web designers can offer you; actually, we have never seen such a catalogue of web designers’ services.
There are PDF catalogs and other kinds, but all of them need other software to show the content.
It’s a special feature for our dear customers.

- Social Media and network Services

Every day, social media and social networks will gain more power, and more people will use this kind of software to get information or even to buy what they want.
Our social media and network services include much of that software, and we can do and offer many things in each of them.
So, if you need services related to social media and networks, just call us for an ethical solution.

Ethicalsolution Digital advertising services

- Digital advertising

To stay alive in the crowded business markets of these days, ads are a good way.
As long as we spend more time on the internet, there is no wonder that digital advertising will become more powerful day after day.
Our digital advertising service is somehow unlimited!
To make sure that we have good coverage of the markets, we developed our service in this field and will do it in web browsers, social media pages, blogs, apps, or any other platforms that work through the Internet.
And even though we weren’t satisfied with that, we added to this service the online business development campaigns, ad management, and also ad design services.

- Analysis and advice

In this web design service, after monitoring your website closely, we will inform you about the activities that happened to your website and even your business in detail.
We will tell you how many people visited your website, how they ended up there, or who suggested your content and offered it to their clients.
These are just the basics, and our analysis will tell you more about your clients and visitors to your website, which can change your plans or bring some new ideas.
For example, imagine if you knew what the average age of your clients was, if they were mostly male or female, or from which country, city, or zone they visited you most, and how much it could affect your business.
It can change the whole structure for a good cause and straight toward a peak!


Ethical Solution Inc Web design services

These are just the main things Ethical Solution Incdoes in web design services based on your needs and your offer, but that’s not all we can do.
We have more solutions for your website problems.
Easy: contact us and describe your situation; the Ethical Solution Inc web design team will do the rest!