What is SEO and how SEO works, what is the importance of it, how search engines work and which one is the best are the things that you will find out at the end of this article.
So, let’s get started!

What is SEO and how SEO works

What is SEO and how SEO works

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but for knowing what exactly SEO is we must go much deeper.
some call it an art and some other call it a practice or a science, some say it is an endless daily hard work and some other say that SEO is not a definite place or rank which you can get there and stay there.
which one saying the right thing?!
Ethicalsolution will tell you that all of these descriptions are right, but again the question is there:

what truly is SEO?!

when people need information or wants things to buy, at first place, they will use search engines, to get the information at least.
then search engine start finding websites which have that information or sell those products and show those websites as a list, the higher you been sorted on that list, sure there is more chance to get visitors and customers.
the process to help the website or webpage reaching higher ranks in a search result is SEO.
in the other word by optimizing a website in various ways we reach the goal for the website which is to receive more traffic from search engines, and this is what SEO is.

Importance of SEO

Now let’s tackle another subject, what is the importance of SEO.
maybe till now you got the answer for it already but if not let’s we add some more details on it.
based on researches, visitors from search engines mostly are potential customers for your business, higher than any other advertisements.
If you have a website which include information or sell products then it will become important for you that search engines suggest your website, above other ones.
just think about it, how many times after searching something in search engines you gone to page 3 or 4to find what you want?!
most of people will find what they want in first page or at most the 2nd page of that search result.
So, no matter in which field is your business or what kind of information you share with others, there is thousands of websites which have the same things.
and this is the importance of SEO, not just for your website but for your business or your specific field of work.

By knowing what is SEO and the importance of it, the question is how it works?!
Just like other things in this field it is so complicated to explain because it includes too many things.
And there is not a short explanation for it, no matter where you search for it but let’s try!

How SEO works

It is just like that you go to some agency and introduce your business to them and ask them to bring customers for you.
If you explain your business to them in a good way and what things you can do, also if they know their job very well, by taking some money from you they will bring you some customers.
search engines will do the same things but for free!
search engines have access to most of websites and webpages created on Internet.
in the process of SEO, we introduce website to search engines and make sure they know what exactly we have on that website.
It is not only just that website which contain that information or have that product, so somehow, we must convince search engines that we have the more related content or we are the best seller!
But these are just headlines and not tell you the whole story, if you want you can read here about how to increase SEO points.

How search engines work

These things tell us that for a good result in SEO process we have to know how search engine works.
as we mention before search engines has access to web contents, means website, social networks and other sources on internet.
when we ask them about something special, they will narrow down their database and try to show us the best results, which must be the most related and helpful guide.
for doing that they use algorithms and with help of things like KEYWORDS first they will read and record websites in their database then based on that identify and offer a list as the search results for a specific searched word or phrase.

google, Bing or yahoo which one is the best?!

Answering to this question can be easy if we look at it as the owner of a website or as a SEO expert.
because in these cases we just need to know which one has more visitors and more people search things in it.
if we look at the numbers we will get our answer very quickly, Google by having about 88% of Desktop searches and 96% of mobile searches is truly The King of Search engines.
then we have yahoo!, Bing and Baidu which shared the rest.
So, we better get to know more about google.

how google search engine works

for knowing that we better go to the source of it, Google itself!



Search engine

"People around the world turn to Search to find information, learn about topics of interest, and make important decisions. We know that people rely on us, so our commitment will never waver. As technology evolves, we will continue to help everyone find the information that they’re looking for."

this is what Google say about their approach to search and then continue to make it clear what they believe a real search should be “Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available.” and then they say for doing that



Search engine

" we consider many factors, including the words in your question, the content of pages, the expertise of sources and your language and location. Every day, fifteen per cent of searches are ones that we haven't seen before, so we use automated systems to get you the most relevant and reliable information that we can find."

Google Algorithm

We know that Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm.
they also point that there is “thousands of independent people around the world who rate the quality of Search.”
then google talk about “Maximize access to information” “Present information in the most useful way” “Protect your privacy” selling ads and Help creators succeed online.

As you can see, they consider many things, they will update because we the people update our searches and this is what makes the understanding and following the right way of it be hard.
You can check our other article and get some tips about how to improve your SEO ranking, but sure a pro SEO team will do it in another level.
You can just simply contact us and let our team improve your SEO ranking in a professional way.