What is Smart card and the uses of smart cards

In this article we are going to take a look at what is smart card and also uses of it.

Smart cards

History of smart cards

Day by day, we just want to do things easier, faster and safer and this is the reason behind most of inventions.
People used to carry money as cashes when they wanted to made a deal or pay for something, but not after 1983 when smart cards came into our lives!
But this is only one of the uses of smart cards.
Actually, there were researches from 1957 to invent such a thing but the first time someone used smart cards, it was 1983 in France and that card used in a payphone.
Since that time, day after day, year after year, this technology developed and now it will use for many reasons across the globe.
But what is exactly a smart card?

What are smart cards

A Smart card is a device which typically made by plastic as the body of the card with an embedded integrated circuit chip inside of it.
They call these chips ICC or IC and cards mostly has a pattern of metal contacts to these chips, but also there is contactless cards.
The plastic version is not the only available one and we can have smart cards as key fobs, watches, subscriber identification modules used in GSM mobile phones, and USB-based tokens.
A Smart card can provide personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing and sure interact intelligently with a smart card reader.
So, it includes many fields and as you can see these days there are smart cards everywhere, even your sim card counts as a smart card.
You can carry all of your money in a card, put it in your wallet, go around the world and use it to buy things or pay for Services you want, as you can see they really changed our lives.

What are the uses of smart cards?

As we said these cards can store data and carry unique data for the owner of that smart card which will make it a handy device.
We mentioned some uses of smart cards but let’s take a better look at what benefits it has and what things we can do by a smart card in our daily life.


Not only there is no need for coins anymore to use payphones and we can utilize smart cards but it also will give us some more features.
We can have phone banking, automatic memory dialing and on-line services as well when we use it for payphones.


Identification modules which used in GSM mobile phones is one of the other benefits of smart cards.
It will stores all the necessary information to identify and bill the user.

ID Verification

A smart card is a tamper-proof device and has the ability to store information as a user's picture or fingerprints and it will allow them to identify the bearer of the card.
Smart cards use authentication and public-key encryption as well as storing unique data for an accurate identification.
Since they can store IDs and passwords then it can be used to access private networks after it verified you.


Smart cards in banking field means works as your credit.
these cards mostly interact with a smart card reader and use authentication procedures for more safety and protecting your data which is your money here.
We can mention advanced loyalty programs and electronic coupons also.


Smart cards do their jobs as well in this field too and will take care of your health.
It will safely store the patient's history and it will allow the health systems, Drs and nurses, to instantaneously access that information when it’s an emergency situation or when they want to update that information.
Instant patient verification, allows immediate insurance processing and refund which is a great help.

This can be a long or even an endless article and we can say many more uses of smart cards, but for more information or buy a unique smart card for yourself just contact us.
Also you can check the page below to find more about ethical solution smart cards.