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Shop management

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If you want a shopping website or already have one but also want our team to manage the items and customers, you can find it here in our Shop management services.

Please note that:

Shop Management services

  • In fact, by choosing the number of customers, you specify how many customers you currently have that you want us to serve and it’s not about bring customers to your website.
  • Including services such as handling customers orders as soon as possible, answering their questions, tracking orders, etc.
  • The 1-year shop management service will also contain the shop design service as a bonus, and in that year we will manage your customers and their orders.
  • If you already have a website and purchase this option, we will add the shopping section to it; or it can be a separate and independent shop with its own URL, etc., like a website, also it can be added to your non-e-commerce website that you already purchased from us; it’s up to you to choose.

How to choose options

  • To choose how many items your shop contains, please consider that if your items have attributes, they will count as new items. For example, if you have one item, like a T-shirt, in two different colors and three different sizes, and you also have all the combinations, then it will count as six items.
  • To choose the number of customers, if you have a small business, we recommend choosing the lowest numbers. In that way, you can save money. After some time, when your business and the number of your customers grow, you can add more shop items and extra management package for your customers.

SEO for Shopping Websites

  • If you want SEO services for your shop, which will help your business grow so much faster, you can purchase them through this link. We recommend it because, especially for shopping websites, SEO can boost your income and bring you new customers.

Also you can purchase extra Shop items and extra Managing Customers packages.


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