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Add extra KEYWORDS to your SEO+Management+Design service.
It will help your business introduce itself better, accurately find customers and visitors, and bring them to your website.

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Extra KEYWORDS Services:

  • Before buying these packages, make sure you have already purchased one of our web design services, which includes SEO; otherwise, these packages without a 1-year SEO service are useless, and we can’t work on them.
  • Your 1-year SEO service already has a limited number of KEYWORDS. Make sure you really need more of them, and then try to purchase extra packages.
  • This service includes 1 year of working on it, and it is necessary that your website has the SEO service at the same time. If your SEO service is finished, the remaining months for KEYWORDS will remain, but working on it will stop until you purchase and extend the SEO service for your website for another year.
  • It is not just putting and placing those words on your website; it also needs SEO techniques, editing contents, content development, and even designing, and with all those, it takes at least 6 months to 1 year before search engines recognize your website with those words. By purchasing extra KEYWORDS all these options will add to the SEO service that you already have.

You can find out more what are KEYWORDS here.


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